Spiral Curriculum

Life Scenarios

Core Values


Integrated Exercises

All materials used in our programs are uniquely designed to instill in students certain core values — respect, responsibility, compassion — and to emphasize relevance to their daily lives. In the past eleven years, these lessons have proven effective in building integrated skills. 
All courses are offered in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. (繁體版與简体版可供選擇)
Students have access to our vast database of Quizlet flashcards and study sets designed to complement both in-class and self-paced learning.


For heritage learners, the key is to build literacy skills. With a foundation of Chinese characters they recognize, we lead them to explore the almost infinite possibilities of forming words with characters, and to demonstrate their understanding by making sentences. To encourage a smoother flow of thought-to-expression, heritage learner students are encouraged to insert drawings and/or Pinyin in their written compositions. Handwriting is a fun hands-on activity for the younger students. As students grow, they compose paragraphs by typing. 


For second language learners, we emphasize speaking as well as listening to audio materials because it is important for these students to hear themselves in order to build sound memory as well as muscle memory. When reading, students can use the characters they recognize as tools to visualize sentence structures. Though translation is a necessary process, students are coached to eventually move from explicit translating practices to more intuitive internal processing.

課程內容 Curriculum Contents

入門中文 Chinese 101:
Basic characters & Chinese character writing
生活中文 Daily Life Chinese 
  • Level 1-1
  • Level 1-2
  • Level 2
  • Level 3
說唱中文 Know My World Through Rhymes & Songs
  • Level 1-1
  • Level 1-2
  • Level 2
  • Level 3

拼音書 Pinyin and vocabulary building
(a useful tool for 2nd grade and above)

奇妙創造 Creation 

  • for 3rd grade and above
  • better with the combination of virtual or in-person classroom

生命智慧 Life Wisdom from Bible & Chinese Idioms 

(for 4th grade and above)

延伸課程 Enrichment Curriculum

  • 品格謠 Good Character_Rhymes & Stories
  • 象形字與部首 Pictographs & Radicals

AP Chinese Prep

  • 中國歷史 Chinese History 
  • 中國文化 Chinese Culture