About Us


Life Chinese aims to facilitate and inspire Chinese language learning. We believe in lifelong learning for students of all ages and backgrounds. Whether for academic coursework, career development, or personal interest — here you can find the Chinese learning program you need.


Our Mission

Integrate Chinese and Western cultures with Christian faith

Provide creative curriculum to engage daily life and build character

Provide physical and digital education products and services

Cultivate students with global vision and leadership

Our Approach

Curriculum & Instruction 課程與教學


Heritage learners 有中文母語背景的學習者

Second language learners 以中文為外語的學習者

Meet The Team



Chienling Lo 羅倩玲老師 ​

teacher, writer, editor, translator, mother


Chienling founded Life Chinese in 2010 with the vision of cultivating insight and character through Chinese language learning. In her twenty years of teaching, she has taught students of all levels, from preschool and elementary school immersion programs to high school, college, and senior citizen classes. She specializes in designing curriculum and developing programs that build holistic cross-cultural exchange, creative learning, and community outreach.

– M.A., Chinese Program, San Francisco State University
– M.A., Curriculum & Instruction, Univ. of Texas at Austin
– B.A., Foreign Language & Literature, National Taiwan University



Administrative Coordinator 行政總務

Through years of homeschooling and serving in children and youth ministries, along with a software engineering background, Ann thrives in facilitating logistics, collecting resources, and processing data. She has worked extensively in key administrative capacities for Life Chinese and EMPOWER Youth Theatre events and programs throughout the years and now focuses on curriculum development.



Artistic Consultant 戲劇總監/藝術顧問

Rebecca is the Founder of the EMPOWER Youth Theatre summer camp program, serving for years as its Director, Playwright, and Fight Choreographer. Her journey with theatre began at the California Theatre Center, where she trained in acting as well as technical production, stage management, and was selected for the Leadership Program. Rebecca performed in numerous productions at CTC as well as the Monta Vista High School Theatre Arts Department. These experiences, along with her bilingual upbringing, enabled her to lead EMPOWER Youth Theatre in both Taiwan and the U.S. with emphasis on rigor and fun, collaborative creativity and individual growth. Also passionate about advocacy, justice, and art, Rebecca graduated from NYU in 2019 with a degree in International Relations.



Youth Leadership Consultant 青少年培訓顧問

Libby has worked with Life Chinese throughout the years in a variety of roles, from running brainstorm sessions behind-the-scenes to teaching workshops and giving talks to the broader community. At EMPOWER Youth Theatre, she oversaw Youth Leadership Training, collaborated on scriptwriting, co-designed the playwriting summer camp program, and provided vocal coaching. (However, students usually know her best as “Captain Libby” — the one can tell them when snack time is.) Libby cares deeply about building relationships with her students and encouraging their creativity as well as their critical thinking. Her love of language and literature — in both English and Chinese! — continues to inspire her graduate work in English and Asian American Studies at UC Berkeley.

Conversation Tutors 中文會話老師

Our conversation tutors are confident and empathic native Chinese speakers who hold conversations with students to enhance their speaking proficiency.

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